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Active NZ Survey 2017
Conducted by Sport NZ

Sport NZ’s Active NZ Survey 2017 provides a point-in-time snapshot (rather than trend analysis) of participation in sport and active recreation explored through the lenses of age, gender, ethnicity and deprivation.

This is the first Active NZ survey in four years – and the first ever to include both young people and adults. Its findings provide important insights into the changing landscape of participation in sport and active recreation in New Zealand.

Active NZ 2017 results have also been incorporated into Sport NZ’s Insights Tool.

The survey finds that 22% of adults aged 18+ participate in dance to reap physical well-being benefits and 37% participate for fun. And 94% of people how participate in dance activities do so non-competitively. 

Download the full report: Sport NZ Active Survey 2017 

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Active NZ Survey 2017

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