About DANZ

Dance moves, inspires and transforms lives contributing to the creative, spiritual, physical and cultural health of the nation.

We provide services and leadership in support of this vision.

We aim to:

  • Provide support and services to individuals/companies/organisations working in the dance industry.
  • Promote dance in all its diversity and provide access to information.
  • Raise the public profile of dance.
  • Support initiatives in the areas of education, professional, and recreation to strengthen dance.
  • Act as a collective voice for dance in Aotearoa NZ.

Our vision is to support and develop organisations and individuals in the New Zealand dance industry. With dance in New Zealand continuously growing and changing, we aim to provide sustainability to this demanding and popular art form.

DANZ looks at the role of dance as more than an art form.

We aim to assist dance artists and organisations with professional development in production skills, leadership, funding proposals, promotion and marketing, to provide them with the confidence and skills to build a strong and sustainable industry. As the dance community grows and changes, DANZ aims to reach new audiences and ensure its services are relevant to a dance community that is continually evolving.

As a service organisation, DANZ strives to create a friendly, welcoming, fair, objective and professional environment. Consulting, respecting the diversity of dance and encouraging opportunities for information sharing and dialogue through a wide variety of means, is the core of our service.


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