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DANZ Services



DANZ membership encourages the feeling of belonging to a dance community and the more people that belong, the stronger the community will become. There are five levels of paid membership you can chose from, each level has a number of benefits, including; discounts, professional development opportunities, the DANZ Magazine and more.


The GPS Fund (Mentoring)

The GPS / Mentoring Fund is a professional development fund for DANZ members of Silver membership or higher. The fund provides an opportunity for skill development in any area of professional dance.


Advertising & Promotion

DANZ is committed to building audiences and participation in dance throughout New Zealand. One way in which we strive to do this is through our advertising and promotion channels. Whether it's through our magazine or website, or a lead story in our E-Newsletter; if you have any dance activities, events and/or news, then we want to hear from you!



2023 Symposium

The Role of Popular Dance in Higher Education in Australasia and the Asia Pacific Region.

PoP Moves Australasia / Pacific Region, 
November 28 and 29, 2023. 
Dance Studies Department,
Aotearoa Choreographic Research,
University of Auckland.


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