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Shona McCullagh and the New Zealand Dance Company

By Jenny Stevenson

To say that Shona McCullagh is a high-achiever is merely to state the obvious. Throughout her impressive career she has consistently aimed for the stars, achieving considerable acclaim as a dancer, choreographer, artistic-director, filmmaker, teacher, kinaesthetic visual artist, and talent-management director. In recognition of her services to dance she was honoured in 2002 as a New Zealand Arts Foundation Laureate.  Most recently, Shona choreographed the impressive Rugby World Cup opening ceremony. 

When considering choreographers for the company, Shona has one goal in mind, they must have “the ability to connect with an audience” and produce “the kind of work that people are touched and inspired by. Shona believes the NZ Dance Company will be a “stake-in-the-ground company” and one that is “consistently curious” and “truly reflects” its audience.

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Shona McCullagh and the New Zealand Dance Company

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