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Insolent River: Testing the Test of Time

By Chris Jannides

Michael Parmenter is reviving his 1985/88 'seminal' contemporary work, Insolent River for the 2016 TEMPO Dance Festival. Chris Jannides interviewed Michael, Maari Gray (1985 version) and Lyne Pringle (1988) about their memories of the piece and why the decision to remount Insolent River was made.   

A leading question was what effect or relevance may a piece of dance theatre that is over 30 years old have on an audience today? And what will a new generation of dancers from a completely different training regime and relationship to the work need to do to successfully recapture its essential features?

Insolent River Interview - Full transcript

Photo: Helena Hughes
Lyne Pringe & Michael Parmenter, Insolent River: A Romance, 1988  

Insolent River: Testing the Test of Time

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