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Funk is Fun (with a K) - Sugapop Workshops

by April K. Henderson

 Everything according to Suga Pop, a US-based dancer and choreographer with an impressive list of  commercial credits dating back to the early 1980s and many metaphors for taking his students beyond  the techniques of his dancing and into the feeling of it. 

 Suga Pop, current leader of the group Electric Boogaloos and member of the hip hop collective Rock  Steady Crew, conducted a series of workshops at Auckland’s City Dance studio and the New Zealand  School of Dance in Wellington in January 2013. In both cities, he devoted separate classes to the  California-originated street dance forms locking and popping, while a third workshop took a  chronological approach to teaching a range of American social or “party” dances from the 1960s-  1990s.

 Suga Pop spent a portion of his childhood in Wellington before relocating to the US and working with artists such as Michael Jackson, Lionel Ritchie, and more recently Gwen Stefani. He draws on his own career trajectory to encourage New Zealand workshop participants to set their aspirations high and work hard to pursue them.

There’s no doubt that Suga Pop’s 2013 workshops imparted a momentum both to individual dancers’ hips and to the broader movement to sustain popping and locking in New Zealand. 

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Funk is Fun with a K - Sugapop Workshops

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