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Did You Know - Parris Goebel


Did You Know... Parris Goebel

Did you know Hip Hop sensation, Parris Goebel, likes to write poetry and would like to learn to Salsa?

Welcome to the the first installment of DANZ's "Did You Know..." series where we have a quickfire chat with people in New Zealand's dance industry. 

We find out everything from their favourite food to something in history they wished to have witnessed.

Parris Goebel has travelled all over the world and worked with a host of international stars but she just loves working with “kiwis who have a different way of doing things with their DIY attitude”. She is part of the creative team that produced Born to Dance, the first ever hip hop film to come out of Australasia and is “stoked that NZ dancers will have the opportunity to showcase their talents on the big screen and to an international audience”.

Read the full article  (Iss. 41)Parris Goebel

Watch the full video: Did You Know... Parris Goebel 

Did You Know - Parris Goebel

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