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Dancing the Road to Edinburgh and Back

By Dione Joseph

Scotland quietly boasts some of the world’s most captivating landscapes with its shimmering lochs, vivid green dunes and winding roads that beguile travellers with tales of antiquity around every bend. But there is more to this land than its history and verdant scenery. In fact, for those who are passionate about the arts there is a special cluster of jewels in the Scottish crown that blaze brighter than any other – and the queenly capital knows only too well it’s magnetism.

The Edinburgh Fringe in particular has been a beacon for artists across the globe for almost 70 years and epitomises opportunities for those in all forms of artistic expression. In 2015 there were 50,459 performances of 3,314 shows in 313 venues. Staged across the city and its tributaries the deluge of people, performances and pressures in a tiny space are nothing short of mind boggling.

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Dancing the Road to Edinburgh and Back

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