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DANZ Mentoring Programme

The DANZ Mentoring programme provides mentoring and coaching for dance professionals, often in relation to projects they are working on. It addresses a wide range of issues such as producing or providing an outside choreographic eye, when the professional is learning this process. Alternatively an experienced choreographer/ director or producer might take on a dance trainee for industry experience. Mentoring has covered artistic, business, financial and legal advice, strategic planning, branding and communications strategies and career advice.

The secret to successful mentoring is the synergy between the mentor and mentee. This relationship must be relaxed, open, positive, supportive and respectful. For the project to be successful this relationship is as important as the knowledge being taught, with confidentiality vital to the process.

As a result all DANZ mentoring projects are unique, tailor-made and negotiated by DANZ. Some extend over time while others are more in the form of a coaching clinic related to specific skill development. Consequently mentors vary according to the project and availability. DANZ has been lucky to enjoy the mentoring and coaching skills of a wide range of experienced dance, producing, business, organisational and communications professionals across the country. Entry to the mentoring programme is by application for DANZ Silver, Gold and Platinum members and the criteria are on the DANZ website. As the programme is limited, the mentoring programme is complemented by DANZ’s advisory service provided by staff, and also by the professional development seminar and workshop programme. DANZ also produces industry resources covering a wide variety of essential topics such as dance health and safety, codes of practice, working in dance, careers, marketing, evaluation of projects and compliance.


DANZ Mentoring Programme

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