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A Tower Of Fun What A Feeling

By Francesca Horsley

BBeals in Rehearsal

In something of a happy homecoming, former Royal New Zealand Ballet member Éric Languet is once again working with New Zealand dancers - this time with Footnote New Zealand Dance in a co-production, Bbeals.

It is 17 years since French choreographer and dancer has worked in New Zealand. He joined the Royal new Zealand Ballet in 1988, becoming a principal dancer and highly regarded choreographer. During his ten years tenure he fell in love with New Zealand. So much so he became a New Zealand citizen. 

Now he is back at least for a little while.

Bbeals is a dance theatre work that centres on a fictional fan club for the actor Jennifer Beals, the star in the iconic 1980s film Flashdance. And while it has elements of fun and zaniness, Éric says its underlying themes are serious. 

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A Tower Of Fun What A Feeling

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