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Working in Dance

Working with Equity

by Tania Koyptko

Equity, the union, has undergone changes to include broader performing arts in its advocacy and development work. The dance profession in NZ has long asked for a professional association to represent them in this area. Equity (in the process of changing from Actors Equity) is that professional association. With changes in branding and approach it is proving through its actions that it is including dance it its work.

This is exciting for NZ dance. In Australia around 80% of performing artists belong to Equity but in NZ Equity membership of performing artists was around 3%, though it is not starting to grow strongly. As Phil Darkins, Equity member and negotiator said in his recent seminar series 'Tactics in Negotiating', run in partnership with DANZ, there is strength in working collectively - 'Kaore koe e tu mokemoke ai, you never stand alone'.

Read the full article (Iss. 37) Working with Equity

Resources from the seminar are available on the DANZ website;The Business of Dance - Contracts and Tactics in Negotiating

DANZ sincerely thanks the Lion Foundation for its support for this initiative. For more information on performing arts conditions of work and advocacy, contact DANZ or Equity and see Working in Dance

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