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Upwards Jete


Upwards Jete

By Lyne Pringle

  Lyne Pringle and dancers Ocean Wave Project 2011

On a recent trip to Dunedin I accompanied my Mother to her line dancing class - she has a new passion in her life since my Dad passed away three years ago. With the women in this class, most of whom are widows, I was drawn into the delight and sense of community that dancing together brings. I imagine myself in studios and halls across the country attending a raft of dance classes and events; an adult’s ballet class in Wanaka; a mothers and babies class in Tauranga; a hip hop class for seniors in Dunedin.

DANZ estimates that more than 630,000 New Zealanders of all backgrounds, abilities and ages dance regularly under the tutelage of scores of dedicated teachers in every corner of Aotearoa. Community dance has been on an unerring upward jeté for the past 20 years.
Dance continues to play a vital role in weaving communities together in Aotearoa. 

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Upwards Jete

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