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Tracing a Rich Tapestry of Stimulus


Tracing a Tapestry of Rich Stimulus

By Francesca Horsley

 pacficskinThe Pacific Skin project explores complex Pacific issues through multi-dimensional media and performance and a variety of partnerships all offering an exciting collaborative model.

The scope of the work will embrace real time motion capture,sound,live dance and interactive video projection, projection mapping and 'augmented' reality.

AUT lecturer in digital design Mark Pulsford is a driving force behind the project. "In Pacific Skin the interface between live action and digital technologies is explored. There are five works and they all tie in to the theme of Pacific Skin - the idea that the Pacific is one organ and combing together and forming a unified whole of all the cultures of the Pacific."

He [Pulsford] says that it is the first time that something like this has been attempted in NZ, and he hopes that it will become a bi-annual event alternating with a similar even in Japan. "It is opening a new perspective. There are a lot more innovative and exciting events happening in places like Europe. I'm just trying to do something different out here."

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Tracing a Rich Tapestry of Stimulus

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