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Through the Lens

New Zealand Dance Film and Video in Clips 

By Jennifer Nikolai

Will Time TellNew Zealand has a long history of turning film, video, digital technology and the integration of these capture forms into live performance. This article presents an overview of this rich history in a brief summary of New Zealanders who have shaped dance fi lm and video over the past two decades. The focus is on contemporary dance film and video via screendance, as well as theatrical works that combine screen and stage, in a variety of performance/screening/installation events. 

The voices of Sue Healey, Daniel Belton (Good Company Arts) and Bronwyn Judge and the accolades of Shona McCullagh and Alyx Duncan are central to this article - New Zealand artists with national and international acclamations. 

Artists experimenting with the moving image are teaching and learning the art and technique of this craft, with merely variations on the rigour of training as a performer/choreographer. The history of this genre continues to develop on a large scale in New Zealand.

Read the full article here  Through the Lens

Through the Lens

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