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The Growth of Adult's Ballet

By Dr. Tania Kopytko

TarrantBallet classes and projects for adults are growing internationally. This is a summary of the DANZ research that explores ballet for adults in the New Zealand context.

Dance continues to grow internationally as an art and recreational form and one of the more recent growth areas is adult's ballet. The growth is across diverse cultures. In China ballet is popular in senior citizens' schools and,similarly in Russia, ballet for adults is increasing with the growth of the middle classes who partake in broader leisure and recreational activities. A YouTube search will provide hundreds of examples of adult ballet classes and projects across the globe.

In NZ we are up to three and sometimes four generations of families, mainly female, who have learned ballet in one studio, creating a major NZ ballet legacy and contributing to the support and growth of the art form in many ways. It is an organic growth, increasing with the generations.

DANZ undertook a small survey to investigate the NZ scene with five studios or dance projects in Dunedin, Napier, Auckland and Wellington. Thirty-five adults returned questionnaires, aged between 14 and 62. The majority were in their 40s and 50s. 

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