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The Allure of Tango

By Brian Jones

TangoWith the New Zealand Tango Festival in Wellington approaching, 23 June-1 July, Brian Jones examines what it is that attracts people to this particular dance form.

The popularity of Tango began in New Zealand around 1991 and has manifested a community of enthusiastic, passionate dancers throughout the country. What is the attraction of Tango to dancers from other genres and new dancers alike?

For many it appears to be a combination of things - the connectedness of the dance, its creativity, the music, and sense of the moment. 

A common comment by many Tango enthusiasts is the creative, improvised aspect of the dance. Unlike many other dances such as Salsa or Waltz, there is no specific rhythm that the dancer needs to be accountable to. 

Local teacher, Matthew Civil, describes Tango as a way for two people to be together. 'It gives improvised physical expression to much that poetry struggles to capture. It facilitates communication between people at a deeply connected level."

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The Allure of Tango

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