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Tertiary Dance in New Zealand: A Snapshot

by Dr. Barbara Snook, Associate Professor Ralph Buck and Francesca Horsley

Dance in NZ tertiary education institutions has grown considerably in the last 20 years. More specifically from 2000 to 2013 tertiary dance in NZ has matured to be a proud and effective member of the international tertiary dance community. Dance academics from New Zealand Universities currently lead international dance organisations (daCi, WAAE); are members of international editorial boards of the world’s leading dance publications (RIDE, JODE); are presenting art at prestigious festivals and forums (Venice Biennale, Prague Triennial); leading the world in developing unique tertiary dance fellowships (Caroline Plummer Community Dance Fellowship); and present dance scholarship keynotes and master classes in diverse international conferences (Dance pedagogy; performance and practice; dance ethnography).

Full article here (Iss. 34) Tertiary Dance in New Zealand - A snapshot


Tertiary Dance in New Zealand: A Snapshot

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