Music CDs

Music CDs



Music information centre that sells music recordings of New Zealand composers.

Best Foot Forward

Footnote Dance

New Zealand music for teachers to use in the classroom and for dance composition workshops. Suitable for all ages. Order online


Jonathan Besser and Jenny Cossey

A wide variety of music from environmental sounds to tango. Each musical composition has two suggested creative dance lesson plans with learning outcomes. Suitable for all ages. Order online

New Zealand Music for Creative Dance

Selected by Jenny Cossey

This compilation album promotes New Zealand music that is suitable for creative dance in schools. The tracks, from a variety of genres, are suitable for warm up, dance activities, improvisation and for choreographed works. Order online

Peaks to Plains

Michelle Scullion and Jenny Cossey

Music that represents different environments from city to country. For creative work. Suitable for all ages. Order online


Michelle Scullion and Jenny Cossey

A teaching resource that provides creative ways for students to gain practical knowledge about the elements of dance and music as defined by The Arts in the New Zealand Curriculum. A range of musical styles are presented.
Suitable for years 3 – 8. Order online

Universal Children's Audio

Recording company dedicated to creating music for children.


Produced by Radha Sahar

This CD includes a variety of music especially composed for creative dance and dance-drama. There is a high content of New Zealand music, multicultural music and music that appeals to boys. Order online.


Produced by Radha Sahar

Movement songs in three languages: Maori, Samoan and English. Also instrumental version of each song as karaoke tracks. There are three ways to use the music – get fit, get creative and learn a new language by listening to all three versions. Order online.

Down the Back of the Chair

The Ministry of Education's catalogue of teaching and learning resources for schools.

Kiwi Kidsongs 16

Supports teachers who are teaching the arts, it is structured around the three disciplines of dance, drama and music. Suitable for years 0–13. Order online or by phone 0800 660 662, or fax 0800 660 663. 

Kiwi Kidsongs 17 

The songs cover a wide variety of styles and have been chosen to appeal to children of different ages, cultures and interests. Suitable for years 0–8. Order online or by phone 0800 660 662, or fax 0800 660 663. 

New Wave Folkdancing

For more information on each of the titles or email

New Wave Folkdancing

International collection of 76 dances for schools and youth groups. Includes 3 CDs, DVD and book

New Wave Folkdancing for Under-Fives

23 dances. Includes CD and book.

Children’s Singing Dances of Other Cultures

19 dance games from the Mediterranean and Caribbean. Includes CD and book.


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