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Tania Kopytko is leaving DANZ


A Message from the DANZ Board

Dr Tania Kopytko is leaving DANZ

DANZ’s Executive Director, Tania Kopytko will be leaving DANZ effective from 6 August 2015. Tania joined DANZ in 2004 having previously served as a member of the Board from 1993 to 1995.

Tania says, ‘After 11 years of serving the dance industry it is time for me to pursue some new projects which I have been wanting to do for some time and also work a little less hard!’

During her time at DANZ, Tania worked with others to take the organisation from its Wellington base and extend the national reach to include an office in Auckland and partnership projects in Christchurch and Dunedin that have facilitated local support, enabled through financial and partnership expansion. She was also successful in securing DANZ Totara status with Creative New Zealand, and expanded and developed the organisation’s relationships with partners to enable it to deliver a diverse range of programmes across multiple sectors. The development of the New Zealand Dance Industry Strategy and New Zealand Disability and Dance Strategy – Would You Like This Dance?, were key initiatives. Her insight and depth of knowledge in the areas of education, advocacy and dance sector diversity and community practice have been instrumental in building a stronger industry with a more holistic perspective.

‘It has been a wonderful experience working with so many people and organisations across the diversity of our dance industry and the wider community. They have inspired me with their commitment and the care they take in what they do. It has been a pleasure working with them all and I look forward to continued contact in other arenas,’ says Tania.

The Board values Tania contribution to DANZ and the dance industry, both of which are much stronger for her passionate and unfailing commitment to the art form of dance. She will be sorely missed but will continue to contribute to the industry.  

The DANZ Board is developing a new strategic plan, vision and direction for DANZ and looks forward to building on the secure base that has been developed. Applications for a new CEO role will be advertised shortly. For more information, please contact Beverely Edlin, Chair DANZ Board in the first instance - email or phone 027 618 4787.

Tania Kopytko is leaving DANZ

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