Working in Dance

Sustainability and the Arts Sector

By Raewyn Whyte

"Sustainability" has very much become a watchword in the arts these days - a term that gets batted about in discussion and held up as a standard to aspire to. 

The Arts Sector

Sustainability as a goal has become particularly significant in the arts sector, also because of increased demand for scarce funding and increased reliance on an arts infrastructure which is already stretched to meet demands in key areas such as professional development, audience and arts development, economic development, promotion and advocacy to increase the perceived value of the arts to society and increased demand for arts services and employment.

The analysts attribute this proliferation to the success of the nonprofit funding strategy which gathers funding from a variety of sources - government, business, foundations, and individuals - to fill the gap between supply and demand. 

If organisations are to do more than just survive, if they are to become sustainable and thrive, they need to be able to anticipate and respond quickly to changes in the socio-demographic, economic and political environments within which they operate. 

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