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Street Dance: Inside Hip Hop


Street Dance - Inside Hip Hop

By Francesca Horsley

Hip Hop or Street Dance in New Zealand continues to be a dynamic and evolving art form.

In a series of articles we examine the state of Hip Hop or Street Dance in Aotearoa to track what is happening in the studios and what are the ingredients that influence a crew or individual dancer. In this article Francesca Horsley talks to Ennaolla Paea, founding director of Auckland’s Street Dance New Zealand.

Street Dance New Zealand, founded in 2007, organises the Auckland regional and national championships, with the intention of providing a positive family-oriented environment. Winning at international events is huge, and has a ripple down effect on young dancers with competition a natural focal point. 

Ennaolla says Kiwis are known for their intensity. “At the world events when the entire contingent performs the haka everyone goes crazy – they love it because it is such a fearless character which they do not see in their own cultures.”

While the New Zealand scene’s focus on the nationals and the world champs is a great thing, she would love to see the local dance expand beyond the competitions. “This would help dancers to understand that there is so much more to dance than just a two minute rules orientated event.."

Read the full article (Iss. 30) Inside Hip Hop

Street Dance: Inside Hip Hop

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