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Someone Say "I Do" - Rebound Dance Company
2 April 2016, Ferrymead Heritage Park, Christchurch

Reviewed by Sheree Bright



Most cultures have wedding ceremonies that involve a variety of customs. Someone say “I do” is a vivaciously funny exploration into the often wonderful, yet sometimes perplexing or even disastrous event, ‘the wedding’.

Eruptions of laughter are heard in the distance as we exit our cars and make our way to the tram at Ferrymead Heritage Park. After a hilarious beginning meeting the bride, we await with tongue-in-cheek anticipation for events to unfold. Will there be unexpected disasters and delights, sabotage or even scandal? Will Someone say “I do”?

Throughout the evening, we are escorted through a series of uproarious escapades simulating events at a destination wedding. This evening of dance theatre progresses similarly to a comic pantomime interspersing a variety of dance styles with dialogue, slapstick action and revealing asides. It all progresses the story forward utilising specific sites within Ferrymead Heritage Park, a perfect marriage (wink, wink) of venue, format and performers.

From the very beginning, the audience is incorporated into the story and feels invested in the ever-changing landscape of potential outcomes. Someone say “I do” succeeds in being interactive in a completely non-threatening way. The expert Master of Ceremonies, Dayle Hunt, keeps the comedic momentum going escorting the audience from location to location. Dayle, along with several company members, are gracious and considerate hosts.

Attendees of the nuptial event, the audience, revel in the interaction between the fifteen characters. An audience member states, “I love the way they bounce off of each other, their interaction was spot on”. At one point in the church, the controlling Mother of the Groom, Gloria Swansong played by Marg Flyvbjerg, threatens the fastidious Wedding Planner, Marion Doolittle played by Jacqui Griffith, “You don’t get paid unless my son gets married!” We get deeper insights into the characters in a cute, intimate theatre watching a short film cleverly produced by Sean James.

Someone say “I do”, like Rebound’s previous cabaret style shows, is absorbing and infectiously funny. Dramatic oversight from witty dramaturge Sarah Franks, along with a variety of choreographic contributions from Sean James, Sarah Franks, Fleur de Thier, Karen Lewis, Tracy Scott and Andrew Shepherd, fill the evening with fun.

A dress-rehearsal injury to the intended ‘bride’ played by Fleur de Thier, may have resulted in a few minnow slow points, as she was unable to perform all of her part as originally planned. The audience doesn’t seem to notice and according to Fleur, the experienced company adeptly navigates adjustments from one performance to the next as her injury heals.

Someone say “I do” is an evening of ubiquitous humour. In a growing number of scientific studies on the importance of humour and laughter, it is demonstrated that laughter improves our circulation, lung and heart functions. Laughter helps people deal with pain, stress, adversity, and even helps people through the grieving process. It improves relationships and builds a sense of community. Thank you Rebound, for continuing to give audiences the wonderful, essential gift of laughter in Someone say “I do”.

Someone Say I Do Review

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