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"Siva is my fingerprint"

By Dagmar Simon

Dagmar Simon presents the core findings from her doctoral research on the role and importance of culturally specific dance practices in Auckland.

"Since arriving in Auckland in the late 1980's, I have been fascinated by the diversity of the culturally-specific dance and believe that this diversity is fuelling Auckland's cultural vibrancy. Dance traditions from across the world are practised today in a myriad of situations and contexts in Auckland: in local communities, churches, marae, schools, tertiary unstitutions, cultural societies, and they often showcase in large public events such as the International Cultural Festival, Diwali and Pasifika.

I wanted to find out more, particularly who participates and why, where and when. So I designed a doctoral research project for which I chose case three studies: Samoan, Indian and Croatian/Dalmation dance (Dalmatia is a province on the coastline of Croatia)."

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