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Shona McCullagh wins the Hynds Creative Entrepreneur Award 2015

Shona McCullagh, renowned artistic director, producer, choreographer, and short film maker has been awarded the Hynds Creative Entrepreneur 2015 Award in recognition of her pivotal role as a creative and entrepreneurial practitioner in development of the dance community and audiences in Auckland and NZ.

Shona was selected by the Judges from a shortlist of successful, entrepreneurial people working in a range of creative areas, who were nominated by their peers. Judge Tara Pradhan says Shona’s entrepreneurial approach has built a legacy, most lately through The New Zealand Dance Company, that will ensure continued development of the art form into the future,” she says.

“Shona demonstrates incredible drive, tenacity, and a deep commitment to dance, and her passion for her craft is always at the centre of what she does and why she helps others” says Tara Pradhan.

Fellow judge Charlie McDermott adds that “The obstacles and challenges are often bigger in a lesser supported sector, but Shona has met these head on and driven innovation over many years, making her one of THE most influential change makers in her industry.”

Shona McCullagh wins the Hynds Creative Entrepreneur Award 2015

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