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REMAP Shaping Dance in Christchurch

By Julia Harvie and Erica Viedma


“Christchurch is in a sensitive period - our city is being re-written and as local artists we have seen the need to speak up for dance and the value it has now and in our future”. This article shows the strength that can come out of collaboration."

REMAP is an acronym for Research Education Movement Art Practice, which was established in 2011 by Paul Young, Erica Viedma and Julia Harvie. REMAP developed out of our needs as professional dance practitioners for sustainable training, professional development, community practice and audience building. We have built up a programme of classes, workshops and events that aim to fulfil the needs of professional and community dancers as well as audiences in the city.

REMAP emerged from the DANZ Dance and Beyond mentoring process with Jamie Bull in 2011.  In her role as mentor, Jamie has been integral in helping us to define our image, keeping us inspired, focussed and positive, helping us with budgeting and proposals. As our organisation and our support has grown, our philosophy has remained clear - to nurture the study of contemporary dance in Christchurch.

Read full article (Iss. 35) REMAP Shaping Dance in Christchurch

REMAP Shaping Dance in Christchurch

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