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PW Dancewear to stock Freed of London pointe shoes

PW Dance & Sportswear (PW) have announced an exciting development in their dancewear range. From September 2014, PW will become an official stockist and distributor of Freed of London pointe shoes.
Since the take over of world-renowned principal ballet dancer Paul Wright’s shoe factory in 2006, PW has employed a qualified team of shoemakers and craftsmen who have dedicated their time to improving the quality and design of the PW brand of dance shoes. With a strong focus on their most popular shoes including ballet flats, jazz and tap shoes, PW Director Vickie Thomas has turned her sights to also providing what is considered the most popular pointe shoe in the world, Freed of London (Freed’s).
“Our shoes are hand made in our own factory, allowing us to control every aspect of the shoe making process” says Thomas, “This is the same process for Freed pointe shoes so I feel the brand sits synonymously with ours, and ultimately gives PW customers access to the very best in dance footwear.”
The celebrated pointe shoe, worn by ballerinas the world over has been handmade by master craftsmen in England since 1929. Freed’s continue to be developed to meet the needs of each generation of dancers and choreographers and are worn by acclaimed dancers such as;Tamara Rojo, Auriele Dupont and Sylivie Guillem. However, the limited access to Freed’s in Australia and New Zealand has meant that young dancers have not been able to experience the legendary craftsmanship that Freed’s offer.
Due to the unique use of natural materials and hand lasting, Freed’s both support and position the foot in the optimum position to encourage development of technique and avoidance of injury. "Freed’s are my second skin,” says Melbourne City Ballet Senior Dancer, Iona Marques. “I consider them my performance enhancers as they are the perfect shoes for stage, lightweight and very complementary to my lines.” says Marques.
Photo credit: Dancer: Iona Marques, Melbourne City Ballet Photographer: Dani Brown

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PW Dancewear to stock Freed of London Pointe shoes

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