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National Touring Agency

Creative New Zealand has announced a new national agency that will to help organise and support the national touring of contemporary New Zealand dance, theatre and music. It will be in place by March 2015. Following a call for proposals in September 2014, Creative New Zealand has selected PromPt Incorporated (trading as PANNZ) to provide national touring services over the next three years

The National Touring Agency's focus is on managing and supporting medium to large-scale regional and national tours of New Zealand. They are defining ‘medium scale’ as being tours that have more than three artists in the touring party, travelling to venues with 200 or more seats. The agency develops and negotiates contracts between companies and presenters, providing a connecting role between practitioners, venues and festivals.
The agency places audience development at the heart of touring by providing targeted support and expertise to grow audiences for touring work. It is intended that the agency will gather case studies and best practice knowledge from the work it undertakes, which will be accessible by the sector. As part of this, the agency will update the New Zealand Touring Manual (2007) and offer touring workshops and training at industry events, such as the PANNZ market.
PANNZ has engaged Louise Gallagher of Together Productions as Interim General Manager to oversee the recruitment process and set up of the agency. 
The PANNZ executive will provide governance for the agency. As a representative industry body it includes: venue convenor, producer convenor, festivals convenor, independent producer convenor and events and a Venues Association New Zealand (EVANZ) representative.

For more information visit: Together Productions

PromPt - new national touring agency

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