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Auckland University's National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries (NICAI) brings together the disciplines of architecture, urban planning and urban design; dance studies; fine arts; and music and sound design. NICAI's Dance Studies Programme is highly regarded in New Zealand and internationally as a centre of research and practice. Students work with leading professionals to advance their choreographic and performance techniques, broaden understanding of dance history and the place of dance in contemporary culture, and gain skills to pursue a sustainable career in a diverse range of dance-related fields.

NICAI offers undergraduate and postgraduate study of a wide range of creative disciplines within the Schools of Architecture and Planning, Fine Arts, Music and the Dance Studies Programme. In all areas, the emphasis is on creative exploration and discovery and on interdisciplinary collaboration across the faculty. Choreography and performance are integral to the study of dance. As well as performing in our annual end-of-year showcase, students also present their work in schools and on professional stages in Auckland and overseas.

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