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NZ Equity - Why join a Dance Union?


NZ Equity

Why Join a Dance Union? 

By Frances Walsh

As part of a freshly minted agreement, dancers at the Sydney Dance Company are set to receive wage increases of 12 per cent over the next three years; additional therapeutic massage sessions; and in recognition that their careers can be short if sweet, those who have been with the company for five years are now in line for a retraining scheme.

These conditions have been won by dancers and their union, Equity, which is part of the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance.

As of three years ago New Zealand Equity became a fully-funded autonomous part of the Alliance. Equity is the union for all local performers, including dancers.

For us, it’s about fairness and respect; Equity is committed to giving local performers a unified voice.

In New Zealand there are no such contracts across the dance industry.

Read the full article (Iss. 16)Why Join A Union? 



NZ Equity - Why join a Dance Union?

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