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New Audiences in America for Atamira


New Audiences in America for Atamira

By Jack Gray


2013 was an exciting year for Atamira Dance Company with some extensive touring and work in America. This anecdotal article explores some of the responses and expectations of these new audiences for Atamira’s work.

Imagine leaving the wintery touches of New Zealand for the warm, blustery, humid climes of a palm fringed Hawaiian resort, unwinding from the long flight by eating and drinking at the infinity pool that somehow turned into a tropical sunset with a real ocean.

As they say in America - Atamira “lucked out” with it’s carefully designed jam-packed 3-week tour to Hawaii and the US - island hopping from Maui to Oahu, from California on the West Coast all the way cross-continent to New York State in one fell swoop. 

Yes it really was a dance company’s big dream, a good tester of how strong our relationships were as a collective - because you never really know people until you have to become accountable to them. In this case, timing was key and juggling the joy of being in a foreign land (aka: shopping, bars, entertainment, sight seeing!) while offi cially in work mode running from one ceremonial engagement to changing in a backstage tent to performing live on world television at the America’s Cup, certainly takes endurance.

Read the full article (Iss. 35)New Audiences in America for Atamira


New Audiences in America for Atamira

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