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Mudra Dance Company Presents Samarpana


Samarpana - An Offering Through Dance


Choreographed and produced by Vivek Kinra
Performed by Mudra Dance Company

The Mudra Dance Company is back to perform at the Whitireia Theatre in Wellington in the exciting new production of Samarpana An offering through dance.

This celebration of 25 years of performance by Mudra Dance Company - Samarpana will be a kaleidoscope of motion, colour, music, mime and rhythm. The dances highlight Kinra’s choreography which combines traditional and innovative elements of dance. Characterized by exotic beauty and charm, Mudra Dance Company is a visual feast of brilliant sari colours, traditional headdresses of braids and flowers, and the sparkle of jewellery.

The central dance piece of Samarpana will depict the ten most celebrated incarnations of Lord Mahavishnu. He is the unconquerable preserver of the Hindu Trinity and incarnates into various forms of Avatars on earth to destroy evil and re-establish Dharma or righteous justice.

This year sees the Mudra Dance Company dance out from under the shadows of their creator and visionary Vivek Kinra, who after a long and inspirational dance career will not be performing alongside his beautiful dancers.

Kinra says “As I take on new challenges and directions in life I retire from performing with reverence and gratitude for the magic of the ancient Indian art form of Bharata-Natyam. It’s not the end it’s just the beginning and I am sure the audience will be delighted by the performances of the Mudra Dance Company in this performance and into the future.

Mudra Dance Company will excite the audience with fast moving thematic dance pieces that will showcase the incredible talent of this highly regarded dance company.


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Mudra Dance Company Presents Samarpana

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