Mentoring & Coaching

As Kaitiaki/caretaker of dance in New Zealand, DANZ assumes its roles in advocacy, support and nurturing of the dance industry in many ways.  A core service of DANZ is our mentoring programme. The DANZ mentorship programme fulfils our commitment to contribute to a vibrant and thriving dance industry in New Zealand.

Mentoring provides for skill development in any area of professional dance and each mentorship is uniquely designed, depending on the needs of the individual and the project proposal. For instance, alongside choreographic mentorship between an experienced choreographer and emerging artist, a mentorship may be designed for business development, marketing and/or sponsorship or production skills. The mentorship may take place between two individuals or between a mentor and a cluster of people.

Your initial discussion with the DANZ advisor about mentorship can be broad and include a brainstorm to shape the mentorship.  Initially you may not have a specific mentor in mind before you begin your application, or, alternatively you may have identified someone who has the appropriate skills that you require from a mentorship.

If you are interested in mentoring you need to fill out an application form after discussing your project DANZ.  Ph: 04-801 9885 / 

To receive mentoring & coaching, you must be a DANZ Silver, Gold or Platinum member

Mentoring Application Outline 

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