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Mental Wellness in the Performing Arts

By Dr. Tania Kopytko

Mental wellness or mental health has been an issue of recent concern and discussion in New Zealand performing arts sectors.

We know that dance people can suffer from overload, various types of stress and depression. This can affect all areas of our profession from studio and community teachers to dancers, choreographers and producers. 

This can be due to uncertainty of work, lack of career or direction clarity, tiredness or injury.

The NZ Mental Health Foundation's (MHF) recent research shows that there are five aspects to wellbeing - areas that nees to be in balance for us to have good mental wellness and healthy lives. 

The aspects are GIVING - your time, your words, your presence; BE ACTIVE - do what you can, enjoy what you do, move your mood; KEEP LEARNING - embrace new experiences, see opportunities, surprise yourself; CONNECT - talk and listen, be there, feel connected; TAKE NOTICE - remember the simple things that give you joy.

Read the full article (Iss. 40) Mental Wellness in the Performing Arts

Mental Wellness in the Performing Arts

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