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Kiwi Belly Dancers to Perform alongside NYC Company

Three members of the Phoenix Belly Dance troupe based in Auckland will be participating in a week long residency and performing alongside NYC company Bellyqueen and over 35 Australian and international belly dancers in Australia in February 2016. Founder and director of Phoenix Belly Dance, Candice Frankland, Cindy Corne and Lisa Lawford are thrilled to be able to represent New Zealand on an international scale. “It’s a great opportunity to dance with some of the best performers in our field,” says Lisa.

Bellyqueen, a world-fusion dance company directed by Kaeshi Chai brings the acclaimed theatrical dance show, Journey Along the Silk Road to Sydney Brisbane, and Perth for the first time. The story follows a princess as she searches for three magical ingredients to save her dying mother, the Empress. Dances from China, Turkey, Middle East and India come to life through the lens of theatre. Since 2009, this show has been performed in New York, Taiwan, Tokyo, Bangkok, Montreal, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

Rehearsals are currently underway and Candice and Cindy, will be performing in the Brisbane shows, while Lisa will be performing in the Sydney shows. 

Sydney, 6 February: Riverside Theatre, Parramatta, Sydney

Brisbane, 13 February: Schonell Theatre, Brisbane


About Phoenix Belly Dance

Candice Frankland is the founder and director of Phoenix Belly Dance, a multi-award winning dance company and home to some of New Zealand's most sought after performers and teachers. Her troupe are the proud winners of the Jambalaya Dance Competition 2011, NZ Corporate Event’s Best Entertainment Company in 2012, and the Viva Eclectika 2013 Asia Vision Cup, winner of the Bellydance Evolution International Casting Competition in 2014 (LA/Sydney) and was  invited to teach and perform at the Tarazade festival in Istanbul, Turkey in 2015. 

Phoenix Belly Dance:  

About Bellyqueen

Bellyqueen is an internationally renowned world dance company, founded in 1998. Drawn together by their passion for Middle Eastern dance, the artists of Bellyqueen come from a wide range of nationalities and dance backgrounds. By fusing their individual influences, the company creates exciting multicultural performances that utilize traditional elements as a base for modern theatrical performance art that inspire audiences of all backgrounds, genders and ages. Bellyqueen has won critical acclaim for their unique vision, impressive body of work and commitment to high-quality productions. Over the past 16 years, the company has completed extensive tours in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia, made numerous television appearances and been well received by the press. In 2007 and 2009 it released full-length performance DVDs, The Bellydance Experience and Bellydance NYC, as well as several successful instructional DVDs. 

Kiwi's Cast in International Belly Dance Theatrical

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