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Growing NZ International Dance Day Celebrations

By Jenny Cossey, Hahna Briggs and Tania Kopytko

In our last magazine we considered growing International Dance Day (IDD) into a nationwide event that would raise the profile of dance. The Dance Industry Strategy recognised dance visibility and recognition as vital to dance’s growth. Two organisations have been developing this event over many years and present good models of practice and sound philosophies. 

In Wellington, International Dance Day (IDD) was first held at Te Whaea in 2001 by the Youthdance Education Trust (YET) comprised of Jenny Cossey, Amanda Skoog, Liz Melchior, Liz O'Conner and Helen Forrest. It was supported by the NZ School of Dance and a Creative Communities grant. The ethos of the day has not changed in nine years; a free day of dance from the many dance communities of Wellington to celebrate the art form, promote all dance styles and to encourage the public to participate in a diversity of workshops, and dance performances by amateur and professional dancers. IDD is held as close to April 29th as possible, the date set by UNESCO as World Dance Day.

Read full article (Iss. 21) Growing NZ International Dance Day Celebrations

Growing NZ International Dance Day Celebrations

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