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Francis Christeller: ThereThere

Being alive to ‘the present ' provides opportunity for the unexpected

By Francis Christeller


I first met Antje Pfundtner in Guang-Zhou, China, and was immediately stunned by her energy and magnetism. Something drew me to her in life as well as in her performance. Antje is a German choreographer, based in Hamburg, and creates performance theatre. She tours internationally and is renowned for her solo dance work in particular. The simple fact that she was German appealed to me too, as I had become interested in learning about my own German heritage.

At the Guang-Dong Modern Dance Festival, Antje performed her solo eigenSinn. This work had been touring for five years and was enthralling for every minute of the hour. I laughed, cried and sat in awe of her focus and ability to lead the audience on a journey into a land of tall tales that revealed remarkable truths about her and ourselves.

Inspired by this I participated in a week of workshops with her and began to understand her philosophy towards improvisation and relating to an audience.

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Francis Christeller: ThereThere

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