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Eileen May Norris Dance Scholarship 2014


Eileen May Norris Dance Scholarship 2014

The Eileen May Norris Dance Scholarship is awarded to individuals who have demonstrated outstanding dance talent in New Zealand with an appropriate university, polytechnic, dance school or academy, or for those dancing with a professional body or company.

The trust was established  after the death of Eileen May Norris aged 88 in 2008. She grew up in New Zealand and had a great passion for dance and a love for music. The scholarship is an opportunity to support the arts, by helping young New Zealanders build their talents. 

Sarah Elsworth is the recipient of the 2014 Scholarship.

Sarah plans to use part of the scholarship to attend Impulstanz International Dance Festival in Vienna as well as towards fees to complete postgraduate study overseas. Sarah views Impulsetanz as a research platform to engage with a diverse range of contemporary dance styles and choreographic works, a place to further her skill as a professional dancer. She is excited to have the opportunity to explore and gather new ways of moving and thinking about contemporary dance. “I hope to be inspired by a specific area of dance practice or a particular choreographers work on my travels that resonates with me, which I can delve into comprehensively", says Sarah.

Whether this is through dancing profesionally or studying at a postgraduate level, Sarah is looking forward to continuing to build her own practice and artistry. Sarah hopes she will have an innovative and specific skill to offer the dance industry in future, to continue to keep our industry diverse and thriving.

Eileen May Norris Dance Scholarship 2014

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