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Did You Know - Daniel Belton


Did You Know... Daniel Belton

Did you Daniel Belton can sing and wants to learn to breathe underwater?

Choreographer, dancer and filmmaker Daniel Belton was named as one of five Arts Laureates by the Arts Foundation of New Zealand at the 2015 Westpac New Zealand Arts Awards.

Daniel comes from a visual arts and contemporary dance background and has performed extensively in New Zealand and Europe with dance luminaries Douglas Wright, Kim Brandstrup, Irek Mukhamedov, Vicente Saez, Lindsay Kemp, Elio Gervasi and Aletta Collins. Whilst building his reputation as a skilled dancer within contemporary dance repertoire, Daniel’s collaborations on trans-media and multi-discipline works have achieved international recognition and acclaim.

This is the second installment of DANZ's "Did You Know..." series where we have a quickfire chat with people in New Zealand's dance industry. 

We find out everything from their favourite food to something in history they wished to have witnessed.

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Did You Know - Daniel Belton

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