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Dance in the Community

Cultural, Recreation and Social Dance

DANZ supports the development of participation as a critical part of arts and cultural development in Aotearoa New Zealand. Dance is a very important way for New Zealanders to express their identities. It crosses language barriers as well as expressing cultural diversity, creativity, innovation and beauty.

Dance is called upon by New Zealand to express who we are e.g. the Haka at rugby, cultural and dance groups performing at expos, the dearth of Festivals and events around New Zealand that include dance, dance photographs/video are frequently used to promote NZ culture.

Dance can be used as a tool to improve the health and well-being of the population (health issues, obesity, mental health, mixed ability dance)

Dance is a highly popular and has vast numbers involved when the full range and diversity of the industry is embraced - hip hop, cultural dance, community dance, community classes in dance styles such as ballet, jazz, tap, line, social, belly dance tango, ballroom, dance for fitness, therapy, mixed ability dance etc.

All these activities along with the professional an education sector of dance contribute to New Zealand and the local economy.

Regional Support Development

Regional support of community participation in arts and dance needs to be developed and strengthened. It is the sector which nurtures the future artists of this country and establishes early values and attitudes towards the arts and culture.

Community participation in arts and dance needs to be advocated for within recreation and sports forums, which have huge influence in this sector. Community arts workers practise in New Zealand, although current networks are relatively weak. SFRITO has Community Arts (including Community Dance), qualifications on the NZQA framework from certificate to Diploma level which can be used for training purposes.

Since May 2005 DANZ has been granted NRO status by SPARC to support recreational and social dance in all its diversity, including cultural diversity. The NRO status has not been supported by financial and human resources at this stage, SPARC will review the situation in June 2006.


DANZ is committed to any initiatives to develop the strength of participation in arts and culture in Aotearoa New Zealand.


DANZ is developing a strategy that creates regional and organisational partnerships to develop this sector of dance e.g. links with SPARC, NZRA, Heart Foundation, Territorial Authorities, Regional Sports Trusts, strengthening regional dance networks, widening DANZ membership organisations to the cultural and recreational sector.

Join DANZ and support the Dance Industry.



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