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Dance with a Stranger 

By Michelle Stoupe

v700 DSC_0296Television has played a large part in this, making dancing more accessible for the general public. When Dancing With The Stars launched in 2005, it was the highest rated timeslot programme that year and averaged 730,000 people per episode. It paired celebrities with professional ballroom dancers who competed for their favourite charity. 

The popularity of the Dancing With The Stars programme sparked an increase in budding dancers entering dance studios across the country. It affected not only ballroom dancing schools (see article Ballroom- Forever Young) but all sorts of other partnered recreational dance genres.
I have noticed that more dance schools are getting their own studio space to create a warm and welcoming environment for their students, and of course, for the ease of having everything in place rather than having to transport it from venue to venue. It is something that has become more achievable for dance school owners due in part to the economy.

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Dance with a stranger

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