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Dance We Must - Min Kyoung Lee


Dance We Must - Min Kyoung Lee

By Raewyn Whyte

titeofspringThis article profiles Min Kyoung Lee, former international student at UNITEC. The Rite of Spring, a co-developed international touring work has just been presented throughout New Zealand with local dancers Carol Brown and Kristian Larsen (in Auckland and Dunedin) and Melanie Hamilton and Chris Jannides in Wellington. 

As you might expect of someone with a first degree in Chinese and Indian spiritual philosophy, and a second degree in contemporary dance, dancer/choreographer Min Kyoung Lee often explores existential issues in her performance works.  

A UNITEC contemporary dance graduate, her projects over the years have focused on such matters as whether a dancer who performs on stage without an audience is actually dancing, what the audience expects from the performer, whether singing peace and protest songs karaoke style can influence the singers favourably towards the need for peace, and how long it takes to change one's mind to accept a formerly rejected doctrine. 

Read the full article (Iss. 40) Dance We Must - Min Kyoung Lee

Dance We Must - Min Kyoung Lee

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