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Coming A long Way On the Street

By Katherine Walker

requestHip hop dance has come a long way since its arrival in Aotearoa during the 1980s. Bboying (breaking) was the first form of hip hop dance to take hold and grow in New Zealand. However, while some of the moves made it to our shores the full knowledge of what this dance was and where it started didn’t accompany it. Terms such as 'break dance', 'pop 'n' lock' and 'bopping' were often used to encompass a pick and mix range of movement styles that emerged from the East and West Coast of America.

In the global street dance community, genres have become clear and codified; authentic technique and style are clearly recognisable. While there is still contention with nomenclature, the terms ‘hip hop dance’ or ‘street dance’ are now often used as umbrella terms for a wide range of dances which have come to be grouped together.

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Coming A Long Way On The Street

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