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Choreographing in Taiwan


Choreographing in Taiwan

by Liana Yew


In June 2013 I am one of eight emerging choreographers lucky enough to be accepted into the International Young Choreographer Project, a three week residency in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Participants come form diverse backgrounds and this year the group includes three Taiwanese and one French, Malaysian, Cambodian and American choreographers who, for three hours per day, work towards a concert presentation of a 15 minute work using Taiwanese dancers.

On the first day of the residency I meet all the other choreographers and organisers then go into a gruelling, intense four-hour audition process with 80 or so dancers in two groups, red and blue group, with numbers attached to their front. We sit in on each other's audition process, which is interesting as we got to see what each other's work may look like. 

My work, 100% True, is inspired by street artist Banksy and comedian activist Veitch and I think it is very different for them as it required a staunch 'in your face' performance quality. Upon completion the work has a very kiwi feel, with lifting rolling and partner work. I really enjoy seeing their progress throughout the process. My work is very different from the other choreographers and I am not sure if anyone appreciates it or 'get's' it. 

My experience of this residency is uplifting and rewarding. I would recommend it to any emerging choreographer, not only for the dance but also for the wonderful cultural experience.

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Choreographing in Taiwan

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