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Building Dance Audiences with Social Media

by Vicki Allpress Hill

The following resource comes from the social media workshop led by Vicki Allpress Hill for DANZ on 21 May 2012.

Social media is an important tool for dance, enabling us to connect directly with our audiences, deliver real time information in a cost-effective way and make the most of the available tools to promote our visually beautiful art form.

This resource provides you with the key points covered in the workshop and provides you with an overview of ways to build dance audiences with social media. You can use it as a guide to what’s important to know and use the resources at the end or the many free resources available online to more deeply research any of the topics that interest you.

The resource is divided into three sections:

1. Why is social media important to us?

2. How do we approach social media strategically?

3. Tips & Tricks for successful social media implementation.

To read the full document please click here Social Media and Dance


Building Dance Audiences with Social Media

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