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Teachers' Networks

Dance Subject Association

The Dance Subject Association New Zealand (DSANZ) was formed in 2007 to support primary and secondary school dance. The aim is to provide advocacy, communication, professional learning and development, resourcing and information about national and international dance education research.

The DSANZ committee is a national steering committee of school teachers from across NZ and is elected by dance education teachers via the Dance Subject Association meeting at the Teachers' Refresher Course Committee (TRCC) conference. The chair is elected by the committee. The current chair is Ryan Benjamin elected in April 2016.

Regional Dance Educator Networks in Auckland, Wellington, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Nelson, Christchurch and Whangarei are an essential part of the Dance Subject Association. These voluntary networks provide professional development workshops supporting curriculum work.

DANZ acts as a conduit for the DSANZ. All dance educators are welcome to become members of the Dance Subject Association. Membership for DSANZ is $50.00 per year per school.  If you are a freelance tutor or teacher trainee, the membership fee is $20 per year.  

To join DSANZ, email Ryan at / Ph: 09-276 8715.


Teachers' Refresher Course Committee (TRCC)

The Teachers' Refresher Course Committee (TRCC) provides professional development for teachers by teachers. TRCC exists to:

  • Improve the quality of teaching and learning in New Zealand education.
  • Provide quality professional development for all New Zealand educators.
  • Deliver national courses ‘for teachers by teachers'.
  • Take account of research, and model best practice in education, in course planning.

Auckland Dance Educators Network (ADEN)

The Auckland Dance Educators Network (ADEN) has been supporting teachers to provide dance in the school curriculum. ADEN was formed as a subject association in 1996 in anticipation of the Arts Curriculum. Dance was taught as part of Drama or PE and was available as an independent subject in a very limited number of secondary schools as part of the Sixth Form Certificate. 

ADEN provides workshops with dance professionals, teachers from a wide range of genres and sectors, and links to other dance organisations, such as Northern Dance Network - now known as Bounce. Similar groups now exist in other regions with Wellington’s We’ll Dance and the South Island’s fledgling Christchurch Dance Educators’ Network.


An education related information service and resource sharing network with topic dialogues moderated by Patrice O'Brien. All dance education questions are welcome - no question is too silly, it is surprising how easily a question can create a very useful blog exchange. 


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