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DANZ To Launch Nationwide Digital Dance Project

As the national support organisation for dance, DANZ provides services and leadership to realise our vision for vibrant and thriving dance in Aotearoa; to move inspire and transform lives, therefore contributing to the creative, spiritual, physical and cultural health of the nation.

Given the power of digital technology, social media and the ways they provide opportunities in creativity, visibility and communion, DANZ is proud to present a nationwide dance video – For the Love of Dance in Aotearoa.

The project was inspired by YouTube phenomenon Where the Hell is Matt?’ – a compilation video of American based, Matt Harding, performing a simple ‘jig’ in different places around the world. The For the Love of Dance in Aotearoa video was pitched to a number of groups and individuals around New Zealand in the dance community. The premise of the project was to have people get together with fellow dance lovers and come up with a piece of choreography and film it in a space significant to New Zealand or their town. The footage, submitted to DANZ, would then be edited together to create a video montage showing the diversity and community of dance.

Ten groups from Auckland, Hamilton, New Plymouth, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin all participated in the video project, which is set to be released during New Zealand Dance Week at midday on 29 April (International Dance Day). Wellington musician and disability advocate, Pati Umaga, provided his song Siva for the project. The aim of the video is to elevate the presence of dance in New Zealand and create a platform for dance lovers to show their passion for the art form.

The ten groups include Hip Op-eration Crew (Waiheke Island), StarJam (Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch), Festival One (Hamilton), JDK (Wellington), Dance Mechanics Latin Groove (Auckland), St Hilda’s Collegiate (Dunedin), Natraj School of Dance (Upper Hutt), Jodie Bate, Emma Payton and Thommy Bate (Dunedin), Masterclass Studios (New Plymouth) and RASA School of Dance (Dunedin).

Billie Jordan, founder and manager of record holders for the world’s oldest dance crew, Hip Op-eration, is thrilled to be a part of the project. "We feel so excited and privileged to be involved in this creative project to showcase New Zealand dance to the rest of the world." The crew are looking forward to the video release and intend on marking the day with a celebration viewing session.

Visit 12pm, 29 April for the video release. Watch it, like it and share it with your friends and family. By doing this you are supporting dance, New Zealand Dance Week and showing the rest of the country and the world what we’re capable of.

For the Love of Dance in Aotearoa Video Project

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