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Dance Research Aotearoa

Dance Research Aotearoa is an annual publication that presents peer-reviewed scholarly dance research in an internationally accessible online journal. Dance Research Aotearoa is an initiative of Karen Barbour (member of the Tertiary Dance Educators’ Network New Zealand Aotearoa), in partnership with the Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research as publishers in The Faculty of Education at The University of Waikato.

Dance Research Aotearoa has a particular focus on dance in, and by dance researchers working in, Aotearoa, Australia and the South Pacific. The journal welcomes authors engaging with qualitative, interpretive perspectives and research methods. Authors drawing from performative, pedagogical, Kaupapa Māori, indigenous, practice-based, ethnographic, Pasifika, critical, cultural studies, phenomenological, postmodern, feminist and other qualitative research perspectives and methodologies are encouraged to submit. Authors may submit research articles, critical reflective essays and creative representations of research including narrative, autoethnographic, performative, poetic and image-based submissions. A 'looking back’ feature incorporating a reprinted historic article with current responses, and book reviews may also be published regularly. While the journal focus is dance research in and by researchers working in Aotearoa, Australia and the South Pacific, submissions may also be made by international dance researchers or authors with topics beyond dance in Aotearoa, Australia and the South Pacific. The Editor and/or any Special Issue Editor/s will advise on the suitability of the submission for the journal.

Read volumes here Dance Research Aotearoa Archive

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