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Black Grace: Taking it to the World

By Francesca Horsley

Black Grace is 17 years old. Artistic director Neil Ieremia says “It’s great – you don’t really stop to look up a lot but when you do and look back, its 17 years - a really long time for a New Zealand dance company to be around. I feel really proud – even if it’s nothing compared to international companies that have been around for 50 years”.

Black Grace has just returned from a twelve city tour of Germany where they received a passionate response and critical acclaim.

The company has been touring internationally since 1996, primarily to North America, and more recently to Europe, beginning in 2003. 

The company went on a one week tour to Korea at the end of May, but Neil says the primary focus is developing markets in North America and Germany. It is important to develop the markets slowly. 

Developing the North American market has been a long process. A key element was to find a really good agent, and Black Grace has been extremely lucky to have New Yorker, Rena Shagan, as its dance agent.

Rena also represents Pina Bausch in America, along with William Forsyth, Taiwan’s Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, the Martha Graham Company - and Black Grace. 

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Black Grace: Taking it to the World

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