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Advertising and Promotion

DANZ is committed to building audiences and participation in dance throughout New Zealand, one way in which we strive to do this is through our advertising and promotion channels. Whether it's through advertising on our website, print media or social media platforms; if you have any dance activities, events and/or news, then we want to hear from you so that we can help get the word out to the rest of the dance world and New Zealand. Together we can showcase dance in New Zealand in all its diversity!


Web Advertising

The DANZ website is the ‘go to’ website for dance in New Zealand. It provides a powerful channel for promotion of dance events, services and activities for dance people and organisations.


Magazine Advertising

The DANZ magazine is published four times a year and is currently the only dance magazine produced in New Zealand which focuses on New Zealand dance. It reaches dance enthusiasts both nationally and internationally and contains articles, profiles and reviews from the professional, education and recreation sectors.


Other Promotion

DANZ provides other channels for you to promote your information, channels which include: E-Newsletters, Facebook, giveaways and networking events.

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