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360 Degree Project Evaluation for a dance performance or event 
By Elizabeth Isaacs 

In order to develop our professional practice and make New Zealand dance stronger, it is important to evaluate our work and learn from this. This 360 degree project evaluation tool will help to facilitate the process. 

A 360 degree evaluation involves getting feedback from all the people involved in a project including: 

  • director/producer
  • dancers
  • choreographers 
  • designers 
  • administration 
  • technical staff 
  • publicist 
  • advisory panel 
  • venue 
  • stakeholders 

This information is then used to identify areas for improvement and change. 

Ideally this evaluation would be handled by an independent person to ensure that confidentiality  and anonymity is maintained. 

If you are undertaking a major project, which includes public funding and want assistance with post project evaluation please contact DANZ at, phone 801 9885. 

DANZ encourages you to use these tools to improve professional practice in your dance. 

Evaluation Form Template 

Part A - Project Description

To be filled in by the producer/Director to clarify the framework for the performance/event/project. This information would come from the project plan and grant applications. The project plan would be supplied to all those undertaking the evaluation (Part B) and used as a context for their evaluation of the project.

1. Context - Description of the project - vision 
2. Purpose  Project goals and objectives 
3. Key partnerships in your project  List all the key people, including: 

  • Producer/director 
  • Choreographer(s) 
  • Dancers  Understudy 
  • Costume designer 
  • Lighting designer 
  • Set designer 
  • Technical staff 
  • Photographer 
  • Management/administration 
  • Venue 
  • Advisory panel 
  • Publicist 
  • Key stakeholders (e.g. supporters, sponsors, other organizations who  helped)

Part B ­ Evaluation of the project (name of project, dates and venue)
To be filled in by ALL those involved in the project, including the producer/director. 

(Project name) wishes to undertake this 360 degree evaluation in order to develop best practice. We value you feedback on (Project). All information will be treated confidentially. 

Please answer the questions relevant to the role you played in this project. 

Your project role: 

1. Evaluation 

Comment on the effectiveness of the following: 
1.1 Promotion and publicity, including identifying and reaching target audience, promotion relationship, service and skill, range of promotional styles used, clarity, visibility, point of 
difference, relationship created with audience. 

1.2 Project processes and planning, including organization timeframe, problem solving, and conceptualization. 

1.3 Funding and financial processes, including funding/sponsorship, budgeting, payment processes and rates of pay. 

1.4 Communication between the people involved in the project (director/producer, dancers, choreographers, administration, technical, publicist, advisory panel, venue and stakeholders) 

1.5 Contract negotiation, process and content 

1.6 Administration, including schedules and support 

1.7 Risk management, OSH (occupational safety and health), codes of conduct refer to DANZ resources page for codes of conduct for choreographers, dancers, teachers and dance saftey.

1.8 Venues – for rehearsal and performance, including appropriateness and facilities (e.g.  heating, floors, rest space, kitchen and toilet facilities) 

2. Key outcomes 

Linked to the projects goals and objectives (See the project description, Part A) 

2.1 Artistic 
2.2 Performance 
3.3 Financial 
4.4 Audience feedback 

3. Analysis 
3.1 What went well, what didn’t go well 
3.2 Recommendations – what will you do differently next time 
3.3 Future directions

Can you give us a quotable quote on the project. 

Thank you for filling in this project evaluation. This information will be treated confidentially and written up as an evaluation project report for future project development and funding.

Please return this form to (email or postal address) by (date


Thank you Creative New Zealand for supporting the development of professional resources.
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360 Degree Project Evaluation

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